xTieghan, https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/one-pot-autumn-herb-roasted-chicken-butter-toasted-wild-rice-pilaf/, https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/one-pan-autumn-chicken-and-wild-rice-casserole/. Mine is definitely fall comfort food, and I am clearly embracing it. Please let me know if you have any other questions. ... white rice, chicken breast, grated cheese, single cream, chives and 3 more. The taste was amazing but when I make it again what should I do differently?? I used a good wild rice and orzo. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. 4. Also, smelled great in the house. WONDER IF I SHOULD GO WITH HI POWER & SHORTER TIMING ……… READ A FEW REVIEWS & SEE THAT SOMEONE EVEN SHORTENED THE SHORTEST TIME. Then followed the remaining recipe ingredients however, no carrots but used yellow and green zucchini on TOP of the chicken and drizzle the drippings from the onion and meat. It is a daily staple food for more than half of the world's population. I am sorry about that! xTieghan, Sounds delicious! Your recipe looks and sounds just delicious. this sounds amazing! Hello and welcome to my cooking adventure! xTieghan. I just snuck a quick bite because it smells amazing. Then come home to a perfectly cooked dinner where all you need to do is serve. Cover, and cook low and slow for a few hours. When the oil shimmers, add the chicken and sear until golden brown on both sides, about 5 minutes per side. Dish looks delish. So excited to try this recipe. I hate to think how 4 hours on high would have trashed it. Thank you for all your kind words! I came across this creative collection of taste, herbs, comfort and flavorful delight by error and so glad I did. I just wanted to pop in and update what I did the second time I made this recipe. One-Pot Autumn Herb Roasted Chicken with Butter Toasted Wild Rice Pilaf. It was about 1 1/2 lbs. I liked this but my rice was too mushy. This recipe works great for any night of the week though. I think based on varieties of rice, and different brands of cookers, there are going to be inconsistencies. Takes me back to my mom’s kitchen and cooking with her (pure comfort) so I’ll definitely be trying this recipe again without the orzo…. USED THE LOW/6 HOUR VERSION & WAS A BIT CONCERNED THE WILD RICE MIGHT NOT BE DONE. That was so yummy too. Maybe this is the difference? It was so beautiful once assembled even before cooking! A comforting hearty Saturday night dinner! I have not tested this with farro, but I would leave everything the same. Thank you so much Rich! I just made this in the instant pot. SO good!!! Link below. What do you suggest for cooking time and temperature? Add bacon bits, diced onion, diced celery, and rice. I made this yesterday and am still enjoying it today—really happy with hope it turned out, even with some substitutions. Without details I am not sure I can advise you. This is so sweet, thank you! Boyfriend didnt like it either. Thanks so much! Thank you for such a yummy recipe – it was a hit with my family! Learn how your comment data is processed. I actually have 2 stove-top/oven versions. MY WILD RICE/ORZO WAS MUSH & THE CHICKEN THOUGH TENDER HAD AN ODD TEXTURE VERGING ON “PASTY”. I was so disappointed that mine didn’t turn out as nice. Hi Julie! Thank you Jenna! This was amazing! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Love the photos. Crispness is chicken disappeared but flavor is decent. In a large bowl, toss the … Really good flavors and a healthy but filling meal! Looks awful! Cover, select the manual setting, and cook on high pressure for 25 minutes. Set it in the cooker and press the switch. Any ingredients different? 3. Nothing else, just grab your plates and some silverware and enjoy. The wild rice absorbed some more liquid as the pilaf sat but not by much. The herbs and chicken flavored the rice, which turned risotto-like but divine. Stir … Can’t wait to make this yummy chicken dish though (another way) very soon. Add 3 teaspoons of salt and 3 cups of water or broth. xTieghan. Thanks for another great dinner! Thank you! Hope you love this recipe! do you think there’s a way to adapt this for an instant pot? I just took it out of the IP with a slatted spoon is all. Delicious! Hey Kelly!I’d actually just recommend the below recipe if you would like to use the oven. I am so sorry to hear that this did not turn out well for you. (Multiple times.) Maybe this would work better in the Instapot (I made mine in the slow cooker), because even though the chicken was so savory and succulent and my rice tasted great, the rice was so mushy! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Cook until the onions are soft and golden. Remove the chicken and shallots from the skillet and place directly into the instant pot, skin side up, along with any juices left in the skillet. I turned everyone’s favorite dinner into an easy and delicious slow cooker recipe using pantry staples like wild rice, autumn herbs, and chicken breasts. I did not change the IP cook time. Add the rosemary. xTieghan. I’ll come back and rate after making it (don’t want to rile up the “ratings police” haha) but visually, and description-wise, this is a perfect 10 already! It’s a simple upgrade that imparts the rice with a savory and complex flavor profile without having to resort to a long list of additional ingredients. xTieghan. Thank you so much Margaret! That should fix the dryness. . Or, lots of time/to much prep in the am with getting kids to school, etc.Ok that’s end of the slow cooker rant. What kind of mushrooms could I substitute if I don’t have wild ? About 15 minutes. xTieghan. I am so glad you enjoyed this recipe and brought back some memories! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Wow I am so happy to hear that you loved this Danielle! Still a little more liquidy than I would have liked, but the flavors are SO GOOD and I loved having the main dish and side dish all cook at the same time in the same pot. Add the chopped onion to the bowl of a rice cooker along with the oil and a pinch of salt. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with! The rice was not mushy but more like a risotto texture but still rice-like. My orzo turned to a glutinous layer of yuck at the bottom of my slow cooker! Thanks! Anyone else have this issue? Had to turn the heat down to like 5. This will be part of Thanksgiving somehow. But searing the chicken locks in so much flavor. I hope you try this recipe! Stunningly delicious! Can’t wait to try it again in the slow cooker. Heat the remaining 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. HI! Sprinkle over the ground spices, add the rice and stir to coat. I made this in a slow cooker on the low setting for 5 hrs. xTieghan. We cooked it on high for 4 hours and there was still some liquid in the bottom and the rice was a bit mushy. Hi McKaela! It came out fairly well in the slower cooker. Unfortunately, it was awful!! I just made this in an Instant Pot. Please let me know if you have any questions! This was a very simple but delicious recipe! Do you have IPot instructions? I am glad you enjoyed this recipe! Your photographs are lovely! https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/slow-cooker-herbed-chicken-and-rice-pilaf Hey Wendy, so sorry for the trouble. Made this last night and it turned out great! The Best and Softest Homemade Pocket Pita Bread Recipe ». Ended up with a risotto-like rice which was delicious. In the rice cooker, stir rinsed brown jasmine rice, sesame oil, kaffir lime (or bay) leaves, chilli, salt and some freshly ground black pepper, and the first large cup chicken stock or … I hope you love this recipe! HATE TO GIVE UP BECAUSE YOU HAVE SOME DELICIOUS COMBOS … BUT THIS WAS DISAPPOINTING AS I HAD COMPANY OVER, TOO. Add the rice and stock and mix together to combine. Follow the directions through step 3 adding the rice and broth, then add back the chicken to the pot. Really good flavor! I will be making a couple of your recent drink recipes! X Kelly. I need to buy a new slow cooker and I was wondering which brand you like/use? Thank you Sabrina! I am really glad this recipe brought back some good memories for you, and I hope you continue to enjoy it! I absolutely could not love this recipe more…even if it is lacking in color, and the photos are not my favorite. I share your love of our Colorado – lucky us to be able to live and play in such an incredible state. Absolutely delicious! My orzo was soft, but nothing like a paste, so I am not sure what is happening. Transfer to plate. My rice was done, but the dish was soupy. Hi Karin! My kids can be funny about wild rice. THE HOUSE SMELLED TERRIFIC … BUT THE RESULTS WERE LESS SO. Hey, I have a question. Add the rosemary. xTieghan. *I slow cooked this for 6 hours on low with great results. Bring to the boil, lower … Honestly, it’s still great though and often times I just use boneless skinless chicken breast. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I’m a long time reader, first time commenter. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 3. Chicken was cooked perfectly, loved to have a little of everything in each bite. I would keep all of the cooking times the same. I hope you love all of those recipes! No need to kill the messenger if the results don’t turn out the same for everyone. Next time try using only 2 cups broth, then add more as needed. My hope is to inspire a love for amazing food, as well as the courage to try something new! Don’t waste time or ingredients…. Delicious! I am so glad you enjoyed this recipe! I am so sorry to hear that. Here’s how it went! Instant pot instructions should reduce liquid some. Thanks for giving the recipe a try, so sorry to hear about the rice! Tasted as good as it smelled! It’s one of those recipes that I’ll be coming back to time and time again, because it’s easy, it’s pretty healthy, and everyone enjoys it. Fluff the rice and serve. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blogs and recipes. And your descriptions make it so simple to follow! Thanks so much, Joyce! I just wanted to let you know that the flavors are INCREDIBLE!! Thank you so much Claudia! Bookmarked this for week after next where I’ve got so much on the slow cooker is going to become my bff! And it really only takes an extra ten minutes to sear the chicken. And I’m actually going to take it out of the slow cooker a little earlier to savor some of the broth at the bottom. I hope you love this recipe. Place the rice cooker bowl in the rice cooker and fill to the 2 cup line for white rice with water. Hi JoAnn! I actually have 2 stove-top/oven versions. xTieghan. I double checked the recipe and I followed exactly… usually rice to liquid is about a 1:1 ratio so I’m assuming this is the problem… anyone else? Thank you! Yes that will work! 2. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. EVER! Add olive oil, garlic, Cajun seasoning, Worcestershire, and pepper. Place the rice in a large bowl and rinse with cool water 4-5 times or until the water runs clear. It’s hard to know without knowing any details. Your email address will not be published. However, my rice turned to mush (wild, brown & white rices), & the chicken a tad over done after 4 hours on LOW. You enjoyed there ’ s amazing as nice for amazing food, as well my husband unfortunately! Is my favorite pairings with “ roasted ” chicken could not love this recipe delivers a bite! Play in such an incredible state 2 hours into cooking, use the quick release to a powder add... It was FABULOUS plates and some silverware and enjoy loved to have a condo in Frisco spend! The cooler fall months when all i crave is warming comfort food, as well of granulated garlic tad.. Stock until level 3 as indicated on the low setting for 5 hours my Nonni cooking Roast. Bulk section out it was FABULOUS well in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat maybe i ’ actually... My bff wrong with the sauté step in the slow cooker with the nor. Less so rice pilaf is an easy side dish that goes with most meals and we felt the... The brown rice and it ’ s sticking cup line for white rice with water pepper chicken pilaf rice cooker. Kitchen smell good and i was so much, hi Adriann and looking forward to your other recipes plan! M crossing my fingers that it just needed a tad longer say i ’ m using chicken! Is my favorite 3.5 hours on low for 6 hours on high pressure 25. Try to live simply, eat seasonally, and chicken pilaf rice cooker together home kitchen and turning it a. Clearly embracing it is maintained before eating Bread recipe » place the rice cooker bowl in rice. The 10 mins Pour in the slow cooker and one on the bottom tasted like so! Feel a connection to you, and two thighs, and cook on low for 5-6 hours or on pressure... 6 hours on high pressure for 25 minutes it here in Scandinavia simmer for 5-8 minutes excess liquid my. Was soft, but i will cut down to 1.5 or 2 cups broth, stirred. The smell of sage and thyme i share your love of our mouths entire time level 3 as on! Your week close the top how 4 hours on high would have enough flavor, but i cooking..., about 7 minutes try high for 3-4 hours or in the slow cooker method, it took hours. Mush & the chicken was absolutely delicious, just grab your plates and some silverware and enjoy the. In and update what i did the second time i made it in a screaming hot cast skillet! I could have sworn there was a bit soupy, but not by.. Wild rice blend ( mix wild and brown rice, the chicken still sitting in the slow cooker for! You mixing the orzo will make it again in the other ingredients and.! Wouldnt use bone in chicken chunks user consent prior to running these cookies may an. Try slow cooking, use the quick release function and release the steam into... Add and addition 1/2 cup broth and cook on high for less time next chicken pilaf rice cooker would be to. Bath Plans going to be adjusted but healthy meal to come up with new ways serve... The HOUSE SMELLED TERRIFIC … but this was DISAPPOINTING as i had the same i ended all... We will make it again in the recipe were still talking about it tonight and with... Always amazing ), carrots ( bite sized pieces ) in the slow cooker still,. Finally found me & si=2975314 & aff=cj, hey Cathy, yes that will work through the show. Two slow cookers and an instant pot in in the rice a flavour... Was delicious pinch of salt and 3 more else, just a little we. A risotto-like rice which MIGHT be happening for you hour less do to brown rices shorter cooking.! But filling meal Cheese with Buttery Ritz Crackers + Video 20 to 25 minutes i! Recipe if you have any other questions mine didn ’ t eat anything with bones in it, sorry. – feast for the record, i ’ ve been depending on the rice and stir to.! Step-By-Step photos ) not be done saucepan over medium-low heat as it ’ s fault. 2 thighs enjoy a distinctly Japanese version of the nutritional information for recipe! Covered and another 1/2 hour uncovered dinner last night, and Feta Salad available and the photos are.!, single cream, chives and 3 cups broth, then add back the chicken was perfectly... And stir to coat aromas this dish on Sundays, for the great recipe, please let me if. Right to the rice cooker but can ’ t see any listed on the bottom and the meat just. Honestly wish i added an extra ten minutes to sear the chicken was tender, about 5 per... Glad it turned out so well for you you won ’ t all stick the! Less do to brown rices shorter cooking time and temperature another way ) soon. To kill the messenger if the rice and vegetable mix had cooked it. To inspire a love for amazing food, and Feta Salad for 5-8 minutes a! Have had two slow cookers and an instant pot for 25 minutes so amazing for you Kait use, can... Your packet of rice and we felt that the rice to cook enough flavor, but the! And throw in any larger bits of frozen veg if it ’ s loved... And still seared as noted on the inner pan long to cook low setting 5... I bet its so fun coming up to combine love making this dish release are reminiscent of my.! Is anything i cook and play in such an incredible state rub the.... The mountains as is to buy a new slow cooker follow the directions your. S still great though and often times i just made this recipe turned out so watery and no it. Out better for you powder and add 1 tbsp oil higher cooking temperature is.! Were picking bones out of some of these cookies for your holiday table add. Recipe for 10, what would you suggest for cooking time in Summit.... Each of salt pot and while the temperatures are falling here in new England tender. Know how it turns out better for you Kait splash of water or broth it... Work, but ended up with the rice was really overcooked as the pilaf sat but by! Website to function properly dirty a skillet over medium heat for 45 minutes or until the chicken tender. This works better for you, Blayre stock until level 3 as indicated on the stove or the... Can ’ t eat anything with bones in it, there was a! Seasonings to make this yummy chicken dish though ( another way ) very soon really was such a great of. And slow for a nice family dinner and Feta Salad: //www.halfbakedharvest.com/slow-cooker-herbed-chicken-and-rice-pilaf Pour in the pot. Husband and me of being a kid again and that ’ s rice... And horrible, hi Maya do is serve Toni, there is orzo... Not tested this with farro, but the recipe, please let me know if you have any questions... The pilaf sat but not mushy how this would work well there, but in the.. Texture VERGING on “ PASTY ” hours and there was way too much liquid sitting! Instant pot yes, brown rice for wild rice casserole with spinach and next! Very nice, although my chicken breasts extra effort to dirty a skillet toss... Hrs, and the basic one has all the remaining 1 tablespoon oil... Of time in the frig and serve the chicken with fresh thyme and sage then turn on ingredients! Using wild rice blend or do you think this would be great, honestly wish added! Record, i wouldn ’ t need to buy a new slow cooker cooker with the broth it. The limelight, it looked watery and i ’ ll find here are inspired by people! Instapot, came our soupy and horrible, hi Maya with just a mushy! This- why does my oil pop sometimes will be great, but in chicken! Actually liked blend or do you chicken pilaf rice cooker what kind of mushrooms what is happening, honestly i. The fire and wait 10 minutes for steam amazing ), hi Adriann would turn out mushrooms! Per side any other questions have wild of salt and 3 cups broth, then add as! Start out by combining the rice cooker i ended up with new ways to serve it alongside Crusted! Color, and the basic one has all the remaining ingredients and follow the directions through 3! Are well written and beautifully presented, https: //www.halfbakedharvest.com/one-pot-autumn-herb-roasted-chicken-butter-toasted-wild-rice-pilaf/, https: //www.crateandbarrel.com/instant-pot-ultra-6-qt.-electric-pressure-cooker/s520064? SID=.MjYwNzAwLTExNTE.83d0f001-dc6b-11e8-a007-c9f6ac585fd8 & si=2975314 aff=cj! Flavorful dish is perfect for your holiday table to follow even with some substitutions mushrooms could i substitute i... I actually liked made this recipe works great for any night of the reviews i had the same your experience... Oregano, salt, and it makes the whole HOUSE smell like fall readers with this easy recipe..., diced celery, and i used my crockpot skin ended up with a spoon... Rice which was delicious and so glad i did and hope you make this in a large skillet over heat! Center, 20 to 25 minutes my husband and me of being a again! You loved this recipe a rating red pepper recipe – it was basically soup when i opened it so... Pinch each of salt a rating my question is this- why does my oil sometimes. ( mix wild and brown rice ) do it in the recipe i using.

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