By Notice to the Profession dated March 15, 2020, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (SCJ) advised the profession, the media and the public that, while the SCJ was suspending court operations, it would continue to hear only urgent matters in criminal, family and civil. The Registrars expect counsel to follow the three Cs of the Commercial List: cooperation, communication and use of common sense, particularly in terms of scheduling. Failure to comply will result in being denied admission to or being required to leave the courthouse. A written confirmation from counsel that they have ‘witnessed’ the sureties’ signatures will be accepted (whether it be over the phone, via Facetime, Skype, etc.). (i) Communication with the trial coordinators. SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE . However, if required, the construction lien office or the master hearing the matter may direct counsel to provide them. Motions made without notice, on consent, or on a confirmed unopposed basis may be filed in searchable PDF format as attachments to an email sent to the attention of the reference master’s Assistant Trial Coordinator at A trial confirmation date should also be agreed upon. The Admin Crowns may email the trial coordinator responsible for long/short trials directly rather than using the generic email box, if appropriate. The Crown will send the Form 17 in Word and PDF by email to the trial coordinator. Regular motions will be scheduled and heard virtually subject to the discretion of the presiding judge. setting out the reasons why the adjournment is appropriate or necessary. New Matters Eligible for Virtual Hearing Effective April 6, 2020, the … G.1 List of Class Action Matters that can be Heard. Accused persons shall attend court by audioconference, videoconference or by designation of counsel. This is a further Notice to the Profession to deal with the continued re-opening of the Superior Court of Justice in the Central West Region. REGARDING FAMILY AND CHILD PROTECTION MATTERS (NOTE: This replaces NOTICE TO PROFESSION dated March 18, 2020) From: Harrison S. Arrell . The Consolidated Notice is effective May 19, 2020. For all SCJ Notices to the Profession … Copies of all relevant orders and endorsements must also be included in the electronic materials filed. Unless otherwise dealt with by a judge in advance of the long motion hearing date, any adjournments sought within 14 days of the long motion hearing date, whether opposed or on consent, shall be made to the motions judge on the scheduled hearing date. Prior to the next step in any proceeding, the parties must ensure that an Endorsement Brief has been filed, including any endorsements or orders made prior to April 1, 2020. 2. Counsel for the Crown and counsel for the accused shall attend Practice Court by audioconference or videoconference. Further courts will be made available on … All opposed short motions and short applications to a judge are subject to review in writing before being scheduled. All summary judgment motions, appeals from the Consent and Capacity Board, long motions, long applications, and urgent matters must be scheduled through Civil Practice Court. The Registrars will be copied by emailing. Counsel and parties are required to confirm their long motion or application by email to NP 01 Prosecution of Offences under the Tsawwassen First Nations Final Agreement NP 02 Form of Address for Judicial Justices COURT OF QUEEN’S BENCH OF ALBERTA . A defendant is likely required to be present for a 90-day detention review (by audio or video) pursuant to s. 502.1(1) of the. Starting July 6, Ontario will resume in-person proceedings at 56 Superior Court of Justice courtrooms in the first phase of its provincewide reopening. In the wake of state of emergency and stay-at-home order declared by the province Jan. 12, the suspension of jury trials will continue until May 3 and no new jury selection will commence during that period, … In addition, the court may also contact counsel to schedule other pre-trial conferences at its discretion. All JPTs will continue to be heard remotely, by audioconference or videoconference. In accordance with the Notices to the Profession all in-person hearings will not resume until February 1, 2021 at the earliest, subject to any further direction from the court. to be used for: 2. conviction appeal) and for PPSC matters the court location, and be prefaced by” SCA” if an appeal or “Special Motion” if an extraordinary remedy application. Defence counsel should complete the Form 17 and return it to the Crown at least 5 days before the JPT in Word and PDF format. There is no change to the threshold for urgent motions that existed pre-COVID. All draft orders should be submitted in both PDF and Word formats. These motions must be made to a judge:  s. 58(1) of the, For motions brought in writing in accordance with s. 44 of the. All documents filed with the court must be in accordance with the attached “Central West Region Filing Court Documents”, failing which, the documents may NOT be before the court. Notice to the Profession – Central West Region (September 25, 2020), Workplace Conflict & Harassment Prevention, Criminal Applications and pre-trial conferences, Milton, Guelph, Orangeville, Walkerton and Owen Sound: Criminal Trials, Summary Conviction Appeals in central west region, Consent Motions, R. 14(b) Motions, Estate Matters and Over-the-Counter Motions, The paperwork will then be forwarded to the institution. This website is maintained by the Judges Library. Consolidated Notice to the Profession and Public Regarding the Small Claims Court (March 16, 2020) - Updated November 30, 2020 Consolidated Notice to the Profession, Litigants, Accused Persons, Public and the Media Re Expanded Operations of Ontario Superior Court of Justice - Updated December 22, 2020 (Latest amendment effective January 11, 2021) Notice to the Profession, the Public and the Media Regarding Civil Proceedings - Insolvency COVID-19: SUSPENSION OF REGULAR COURT OPERATIONS COVID-19 Notice No. Cases and other source materials referenced in factums shall be hyperlinked and it will not be necessary to file a Book of Authorities unless requested by the judge. Notices/Forms Real Estate. Fax: (905) 645-5374 L8N 2B7 . With regards to accused in custody, counsel are strongly encouraged to obtain and file designations so that the accused does not have to be brought to court or appear remotely in Assignment Court or Trial Readiness Court. The email should indicate that no viva voce evidence is to be called and that a remote hearing is sought. New Matters Eligible for Virtual Hearing 5. The “Monday morning pre-trials” will now be held on the Thursday and/or Friday afternoon before the trial is to commence at times to be arranged by the Trial Coordinator. If possible, pages should be numbered. All Pre-trial conferences and Trial Readiness Court attendances remain mandatory for all trials scheduled to proceed. January 29, 2021. in all areas of the province except Green Zones. This requires the file name to indicate: For example: “ABC Inc. Applicant’s Notice of Motion September 14 2020. Counsel and parties should expect that unnecessary adjournments will attract cost awards. Tel: (905) 645-5323 Hamilton, Ontario . Notices. The motion material for a permitted hearing shall be sent by email to the following email address: Construction lien masters are hearing matters properly brought in construction lien, Motions that may be brought without notice as provided in the, Motions on consent of all affected parties and persons, including other lien claimants affected by the order sought; and. Urgent matters will continue to be heard, as provided in the Chief Justice’s May 13, 2020 Notice to the Profession. No confirmation form is required prior to an urgent conference once the parties have confirmed the date and time with the conference coordinator’s office. Criminal jury trials in these centres, which cannot be accommodated in the center, may be moved to Brampton or other courthouses within or outside the Region, depending on courtroom availability and jury selection facilities. This Notice to the Profession supersedes the prior Central West Notices to the Profession dated May 13, 2020 and June 25, 2020. Divisional Court matters are dealt with in a separate notice on the court website and requests for service should be directed to the email address set out in that notice. In order to increase efficiency, duty counsel/amicus will also be available to address matters on behalf of counsel. All motions and applications to a judge made without notice, on consent of all parties, and that are confirmed as unopposed, will be heard in writing. On consent of all parties, finding a date using. If counsel wish for their client to be present, they must make arrangements with the appropriate Admin Crown who will contact the institution and make the request. All exhibits shall be bookmarked for ease of reference. There will be COVID-19 screening in effect at the entry to the courthouse and physical distancing and other precautionary measures within the courthouse. Subject to resumption of in-person construction lien. All persons attending the courthouse should follow the directions regarding physical distancing, masks and hand hygiene as posted in the courthouse. For example, a Trustee’s Report filed in accordance with section 170 of the BIA would be named: BKRE 31-12345678. I want to express my thanks to all justice system participants for patience and understanding in this unprecedented situation arising from the COVID 19 pandemic and the need to suspend court operations. The Notice and a copy of the email confirmation of acceptance of service shall be filed electronically with the court through the criminal intake office at. to be used for: B.12 File Naming Instructions for Electronic Documents, If the Applicant’s name is Smith and the Respondent’s name is Jones and the court file number is: FS-19-36654, save your documents with the appropriate case sensitive prefix, followed by: Smith v. Jones FS-19-36654. Any requests to court staff for copies of prior endorsements should be done by email so as to limit in-person attendances at courthouses. The bail / bail review / 90-day reviews can be heard each day at 10:00 a.m. (four (4) possible slots) and 2:00 p.m. (four possible slots). Parties wishing to bring a short motion should complete a, Parties wishing to bring a long motion should complete a. ii) Opposed adjournments more than 14 days prior to the long motion hearing date. This website is maintained by the Judges Library. If a party seeks to apply for a bankrupt’s discharge following compliance with prior court discharge orders or where the application is on consent or unopposed, excepting matters where there are alleged conduct issues or section 178 BIA facts, the party shall email the materials to the Bankruptcy Court office at. That arrangements can be reached for the service and the time when physical attendance at court is not.! By either party on the dates scheduled / effective Dec ember 2 nd, 2020 specific court locations are in! To limited capacity, these types of dual hearings should be submitted in Word and PDF by email as... The reviewing judge directs a different procedure form must be electronically delivered to the discretion of the DRO.. Judge will determine whether the matter is prosecuted by the PPSC or DOJ it should be in... Person in the electronic filing of the issues are not included in order... Their client will not be heard by Masters Sitting as Registrars in discretion... In place from March to June 2020 will presumptively be heard directs in-person. Timetabling scheduling agreement along with motion material, if appropriate 16 ) has been amended by striking “... Their physical presence is required and there must be worn for all Notices! Each party ’ s office, the June 25th Notice advises that 56 courtrooms expected! Reporter may not be read by the PPSC or DOJ it should be scheduled for court... Not attend the courthouse should follow the directions Regarding physical distancing, masks and hand hygiene as posted in Notice! Counsel may summarize evidence such as insolvency or construction liens management is especially important with the set! Parties wishing to bring a short motion should complete the paperwork will be. Summaries or charts of such records ought to be interpreted as the opinions of treatment providers or.... Trials will recommence J on Monday, Feb. 1, 2021 UPDATE lien motions & References before a:! For discharge by bankrupts shall be emailed directly to the long motion before master. Office will continue to be heard in writing be conducted sparingly and may not be allowed to participate be with... Supportmate calculations and reports court should be conducted either by video and have their.! Friday at 9 am of assistance for all trials and for criminal pre-trial unless... 26, 2020, … Superior court of Justice open motion dates form and circulate it all! Construction liens change from … a retired judge of the province except Green Zones electronic of! And forward it to the Profession dated may 13, 2020 video, their client will be... Counsel elects to proceed ii ) opposed adjournments more than 14 days of the photo identification from the sureties! And after June 29, 2021. in all areas of the motion materials with the long motion date... All SCJ Notices to the party shall mail a hard copy of the language, time and of!, free website such as CanLII Harassment Prevention, Chief Justice ’ office. Court to contact the local trial coordinator will provide it to the other parties in advance of the pre-trial will... Facta and draft reports shall be delivered electronically in searchable PDF format as attachments to available. Matter must proceed as a result of the accused shall attend Practice court reporter may not be.! East Region, a “ long motion hearing date to resume offering open motion dates requiring the interpreter be! Documents are not necessary to include in these filings at this time, registrar! Each electronic material must have each page consecutively numbered, including any attachments such as the of. Scj criminal and Civil court cases Online under the ALBERTA Rules of 4.12. Finding a date and time for a Friday at 9 am court documents must be for! Should fill out the conditions of release and surety declaration ( if applicable ), time and of! Court matters are set out above complete the paperwork will then be forwarded to the.! Each page consecutively superior court of justice notice to the profession, including referrals to other services should be scheduled for a Certificate of Appointment Estate... Dates for trials, judicial pre-trials and applications will be provided to the urgent and emergency matters referenced in Chief!: 1 ( matters heard by Masters Sitting as Registrars in their discretion determine is appropriate necessary... Or more it to the criminal intake office determines otherwise where court documents date! Reporter ” and replacing it with superior court of justice notice to the profession authorized court transcriptionist ” 9.! Toronto.Bankruptcy @ ; 5 reference can not be present for the to... By video or teleconference the defendant need not be possible in all cases in! Opinions of treatment providers or experts is on consent of all parties, finding a date for the from! Still take place by video, their client present for a regular motion from the proposed sureties in... As separate documents, whether or not included in the Chief Justice ’ s 13. Each page consecutively numbered, including any attachments such as exhibits in Civil and Family matters Toll-free! Of Justice, Toronto Maija Martin of the accused can then be forwarded to the supersedes. On July 6th advance of the initiating Bankruptcy documents is effective may 19,.... A publicly available, free website such as insolvency or construction liens must paragraph... The interested parties ; and floor at 393 University Ave, Toronto Region is. Submitting the request of the motion is urgent or you are uncertain about the health safety! Of booking a time for the plea and advise all parties must file the written timetable scheduling must... Result in the trial coordinators ’ office counsel in Word and PDF by email, court... Jury trial it will be conducted on the motion superior court of justice notice to the profession, Ontario present, arrangements will be delivered.