Thanks for getting up and running. I went in today, and felt very safe. Bert ends up yelling "This is quiet", where Ernie tells him that was not quiet when he yelled. Always a good haircut and good therapy session .. Great experience at Fast Phils. (First: Episode 229), • When Grover comes to Kermit's home dressed in salesman attire, Kermit quickly tells Grover that he doesn't want whatever it is that Grover is selling, since Grover always tries to sell him things that he has no use for. Phil’s hair is too long it gets in his eyes when he cuts my hair. (First: Episode 212), • Grover attempts to sell Mr. Johnson a wig, but Mr. Johnson doesn't want any wigs. Excellent, friendly peoples, professional staffs. Cindy is the best. • Ernie plays a game with the viewer, "Where's Ernie?". • Ernie Says: Pretending to be certain foods. I've been going there ever since I moved to Arlington -- 16 years ago. Fabulous as always. • Ernie tries to do everything quietly while Bert is reading. Phil is fast as ever and the shop has been modified for social distancing. Today my son and I went to Fast Phil’s for haircuts. Thank you. This bothers Bert, who tells Ernie to go get a real glass of water - which he does. We will be back! (First: Episode 2386), • "Moonshine" (Remake) (First: Episode 3832), • Computer Game: Pigeon Pattern (Small, big, teeny tiny) (First: Episode 212), • Grover conducts a piece of very emotional music. So yeah, saying "44 of them do not look incompetent" doesn't quite gel with what CyrusK is … Another great experience at Fast Phil's! Welcome! Phil and Cindy always give a great haircut. (First: Episode 1448). Ernie picks up a tiny box and asks Bert to get the one off-screen which is so big that Bert has trouble carrying it. • Grover teases his "Move and Groove" segment by asking his head to the point he gets dizzy. Haven't Cindy since before COVID. • Play With Me: The cast instructs the viewers to say "sesame" when they say "Play with Me", and Grover then instructs them to say "Wubba". Julia is a four-year-old girl with autism from Sesame Street, introduced in 2015 as part of the Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children initiative. Elmo is sleeping over at Telly's, but Elmo can't sleep due to Telly's snoring. Bert begs Simon to teach him how to make that sound by himself, but Bert ends up attracting Gladys The Cow, who thinks she heard the romantic call of a bull. Bert points out that Ernie's never tried oatmeal and can't say he doesn't like it until he tries it. They imagine to be cats, cows, and pigeons. After their problem gets out of hand, they get an idea to cooperate. The best team anywhere by far. Can't beat them. • Bert tries to keep his stack of bottle caps safe from an energetic Ernie, who demonstrates to Bert all the different things he can do. (First: Episode 3984). • Bert tries to read his book in the park, when Ernie dances around him, making funny noises. • Computer Game: Bert plays Oatmeal Art. Cindy did a great job on my hair thanks sal, Best bang for your buck! Great haircuts and friendly staff. (First: Episode 309). First time visit....little nervous...received exactly the cut I asked for in 12 minutes...organized & friendly ...will return. Very friendly and professional shop. Where else can you get a decent haircut for such an affordable price? The best around. Cindy's the best - great haircuts, funny, sharp, caring. (First: Episode 3370). However, his passengers (A frog, a martian and a cheese sandwich) causes trouble for him in the end, making him frustrated. (First: Episode 1974), • "A Fish Outta Water" (First: Episode 3247), • Computer Game: Pigeon Patterns (Umbrellas - Yellow stars, pink hearts, pink hearts) (First: Episode 221), • The Two-Headed Monster has built a two-headed snowman and struggles with how to apply a carrot nose. (First: Episode 101,introduction and Episode 104,segment). I had a great haircut! Great haircut, efficient and always warmly greeted by Cyndi and Phil. It's just the best. The cast asks the viewers to say "sesame" when they say "play with me" quieter. Ernie has another box, but it also has 0 cookies in it. (First: Episode 102). (First: Episode 3563), • Play With Me: The cast ask the viewer to say "sesame" when they say "play with me," then Bert asks the viewers to go "Coo-coo" when he goes "Coo-coo," like pigeons. Bert explains that when pigeons are near, one must be quiet. (first: Episode 201), • Computer Game: Pigeon Pattern (Small, big, teeny tiny), • Ernie Says: Ernie asks the viewer to look left and right and straight ahead to see the next item. Ernie asks the viewer to look up and down and then watch the next skit. Prairie Dawn asks the viewer to spot the cast member whose cap is different. (First: Episode 229), • Prairie Dawn shows Cookie Monster how to draw a picture of a cookie on a computer. (First: Episode 0937). (First: Episode 302), • Prairie's Music: Prairie uses a conductor's baton to conduct different kinds of music, and later uses a sketch of a ballet dance as a practice. I'd be surprised if there's a more warm and welcoming place to get your hair cut than Fast Phil's. (First: Episode 106), When Grover comes to Kermit's home dressed in salesman attire, Kermit quickly tells Grover that he doesn't want whatever it is that Grover is selling, since Grover always tries to sell him things that he has no use for. • Elmo plays a game called "Statue" with the viewer. Phil and Cynthia are the best!!! In and out in 15 mins. Ernie asks the viewer to look left and right and straight ahead to see the next item. Great staff and service. They climb up the tree, knock the bananas off, and are about to climb down, when an elephant carries the bananas away. They used sanitizer throughout the visit, and was in/out very quickly. • Computer Game: Perfect Pair (Yellow with black stripes, long blue with orange stars and white with pink and checkered stripes) (First: Episode 208). Beforehand, Ernie tries to guess what game Bert is playing, but gets stumped. Super nice, friendly, and quick. Bert isn't paying attention and thinks that Ernie is making the animal sounds even though he promised not to. He checks Bert's heart, mouth and more. • Super Grover teaches a class for potential superheroes. Can’t beat the price and how fast they really are. great hair cut and very fast see you soon, As always a great haircut in a totally safe environment. "Rubber Duckie" (remake) (First: Episode 3842), Bert shows Ernie a way to pick up paperclips without using his fingers: By using a magnet! Phil and Cindy are life family to us !! Looks great. (First: Episode 3242), Computer Game: Bert plays Oatmeal Art. • Elmo, Zoe, Telly, Rosita, Herry, Alphonse, Humphrey and Ingrid show "next to". Multiple matches: Aaliyah; Abana Ba Nasery • Grover is about to demonstrate the spaghetti dance, but has a pineapple with him instead. (First: Episode 202), • Big Bird talks about brushing teeth, but since he has none, he uses a horse's teeth instead. He also brings Rubber Duckie to bed with him, in case he wants his Rubber Duckie, he won't have to get out of bed. He tries to find an elephant to photograph, but he never turns around in time. Pleasant, efficient. Outstanding! People usually say she does things in a "Julia sort of way." Also, the last two times, the parking place right in front was open....good too. Always a pleasure. • Grover once again prepares the viewer to dance like a horse, but no music comes out still. Danmarks største sortiment med plakater, posters, rammer, spejle og album. Phil had me in stiches the whole time ! He actually gets excited when he knows he is going to his haircut. Felt very comfortable with the procedures they have in place to deal with Covid. Could not have been better. AS always I got the best haircut in Mass, Cindy and Phil are the best! (First: Episode 2650), • Move and Groove: Grover dances to the "Anyway You Feel" dance. • Ernie wants to know if Bert will still be his best friend if he has a hat and jumps around saying "rutabaga". Mr. Johnson is angry, because the telegram is noted as being from his mommy in Cincinnati, while Johnson claims his mommy is in Chicago. I had a cut with Cindy-- She was very careful to ask about how I wanted it and was extremely thorough. Once he finds a steady place, the song ends. Phil and Cindy are THE BEST! Great job! Thanks, Phil, for putting some “normalcy”.back into my life. It's always an adventure visiting Phil's for a haircut. (First: Episode 3493). Once it is on Kermit's head, Kermit decides that it doesn't look very good. Superb, as always. "Of course, you could also go to the zoo," he observes, and talks about the benefits of visiting the zoo. The Children's Television Workshop (CTW, now Sesame Workshop), a project spearheaded by Joan Ganz Cooney, created the show as a means of preparing young inner-city children for kindergarten.Instead, it got to everybody and became one of the all-time great educational shows.. Great experience as always. (First: Episode 3773), • What I Like: The cast asks the viewer what they are wearing. Exactly what I asked for. She lists off a list of qualities that the friend has to Elmo. Cut exactly the way I asked, as well as quick and timely. Great experience Customer for life! (First: Episode 305, segment), • Grover dances a special dance to get ready for his "Move and Groove" segment. • Ernie Plays: Imaginary Drums (First: Episode 305). (Ernie's portion edited out), • Grover works at a fried chicken restaurant, Chicken Castle. • "Imagination" (Remake) (First: Episode 3820). Prairie agrees that cookies can be seen and smelled, but not heard - unless eaten by Cookie Monster. (First: Episode 302), • Grover teases the viewer in doing a spaghetti dance for the "Move and Groove" segment, but Grover has a shoe instead. (First: Episode 1622), • "Natasha's Lullabye" (First: Episode 3913), • In order not to disturb Bert while reading, Ernie wears headphones to listen to the radio. The right haircut, 15 minutes, $15. Bert is particularly happy about the last one. When I die, I’m going to ask fast Phil to cut my hair in heaven. Highly recommend! Cindy and Phil are great with kids. (First: Episode 101), Grover instructs the viewers to pretend to ride in an automobile, as "Let's Go Driving" plays. 2 WEEKS TO GO. • Groove clucks like a chicken as part of his practice to be the leader in the "Move and Groove" segment. Always a great haircut, done with a smile! • Hero Guy: Hero Guy hits a fly ball, but will he be able to catch it? (First: Episode 212), • Ernie Says: Plant a silly surprise garden. Great hair cut as always! He makes Mr. Johnson switch places with him while he goes to get more hot dogs, but then Grover asks for a hot dog. He offers to share them with her until he learns she doesn't like cookies. Cookie Monster wanders by settles their argument by saying that friends can prefer different things. Bert becomes happy again and Elmo cheers...scaring the pigeons away again. Outstanding cuts and service as always with Cindy! (First: Episode 203), • "What"s The Name of That Song?" (First: Episode 102), Ernie Says: Ernie uses Bert's book to play "Ernie Says" and encourages the viewer to use the book in different ways. However, Ernie is having trouble hearing what he says and asks Bert a few times to repeat it. I had a great time having a great haircut. excellent job quick thoughtful and did what i liked (First: Episode 311), • Ernie imagines a dinosaur and has Bert try to imagine one too. Elmo decides to deliver the same telegram but state that it's from his mom in Chicago, and Mr. Johnson tells Elmo to come back anytime (without Grover). (First: Episode 3156). Glad they are back. But Prairie Dawn reminds him that if he ate all the flowers, there wouldn't be any left for other people to enjoy. Bert decides on the computer game he should play, before Ernie comes in to suggest "Pigeon Patterns" (Red,red,blue,blue). and laughs... just like Ernie, scaring Bert. Clean shop great service. Grover gives a lecture on where eggs come from by bringing a cornstalk, chicken feed, and a chicken to the table. I feel like a million bucks. • Monsterpiece Theater: Grover, the "little guy," climbs from the bottomof the mountain, all the way to the top, only to find a gang of monsters up there, including Telly. Been coming here for years. • Move and Groove: Grover mistakes "Row Row Row Your Boat" for blow and tow your boat, frustrating Prairie Dawn. Kind of like waking up at home to the smell of bread after a busy weekend. • Computer Game: Bert plays Oatmeal Art. So glad they're back open. I do like the appointment system Since Cookie Monster can't have the cookie, he eats the shells. After I bought my first Womans' wig (for crossdressing), Cindi cut the bangs and taught me how to wear it for $5! • Joey and Davey Monkey are on patrol to find a missing banana and interview several Anything people passing by if they have it. Cindy and Phil are great, love the banter! thank you cindy you are the best !!! Absolutely the best place to get your haircut. Cindy is the best, As always...excellent hair cut and fun conversation, Great cut, as always. (First: Episode 3519), • Play With Me, Play With Me:Dance (First: Episode 216), • Prairie Dawn plays a game in her home with Cookie Monster, where Cookie must locate a cookie without seeing it. (First: Episode 109), Grover works at a department store. (First: Episode 106). • Prairie's Music: Prairie teaches the viewer about playing the bongos and asks the viewer to try and copy off rhythms from a cartoon rhythm. Cindy is the best. (First: Episode 3105), • Grover tries to get a mouse for the "Move and Groove" segment later, but has extreme difficulty with it. Ernie shows the audience all the light objects including a tissue, cotton candy, and a feather. Like me, he had quickly come to fear Meg’s displeasure. Bert stops him and says that he will be his best friend no matter what. The two Zoes only have one difference: their voices. They are awesome ppl there. Always on point. Cindy made a point of disinfecting the chair even though I was the first customer of the day. (First: Episode 108). • Prairie's Muisc: Grover tries playing Prairie's piano, but when he plays it badly, he learns from Prairie Dawn about practicing. . Cindy has been cutting my hair for the last 14 years. A cheerful and happy spot for a great hair cut!! (First: Episode 227). He has an expanded pace and is cordial as usual. • What I Like: The cast talks about their favorite foods. • Big Bird and Zoe show the same and different. Friendly service and a wonderful atmosphere, the people who come here are super outgoing and friendly. But then Ernie realizes that he has too many things in his bed. (First: Episode 2857). This guy has got it figured out, and you always leave looking and feeling better than when you came in! Always good to walk in to a neighborhood shop where there’s always a good people and a great haircut. And they are so COVID friendly. Grover sees mirages of a waterfall and a fountain, and Fred reminds him that he brought a canteen. (first: Episode 1422), • Ernie and Bert decide to use both Bert's canvas and Ernie's paints to paint a picture of something. (First: Episode 3784), Computer Game: Bert plays "Peigon Patterns" ( blue and yellow) with Bernice. They were taking all safety precautions. (First: Episode 3784) (First: Episode 310), • Prairie's Music: Prairie uses a conductor's baton to conduct different kinds of music, and later uses a sketch of ostriches as a practice. Bert plays Oatmeal Art. However, Grover photographs his foot and hand instead, and has to be reminded to capture the face. Amazing service!! Ernie uses a pair of socks to distract Bert from reading to play "Perfect Pair". (First: Episode 3845), Play With Me: After saying "Play With Me" and having the viewer reply "Sesame", Ernie notes they took turns. (First: Episode 1787). • Ernie Says: Prairie Dawn Says to "Hello" in different languages. • Ernie asks the viewer to check the next skit out. My brother and father were both quite happy with their haircuts with Phil and Cindy. Beforehand, Ernie tries to guess what game Bert is playing, but gets stumped. • Ernie makes a few animal sounds and wants Bert to guess what sounds he is making. (First: Episode 312), • Ernie plays a game with the viewer, "Where's Ernie?" As always, Cindy and Phil are great at what they do, and they make the time in which they do it friendly and relaxing! (First: Episode 303), • Ernie Plays: Ernie Top to Bottom (First: Episode 309), • Elmo shows top and bottom by standing on top of the frame, then falling to the bottom. When he doesn't come back in the last time, Bert goes out looking for him, not realizing that Ernie came back in the back door. (First: Episode 3407), • "Share" (Ernie and Elmo's Version) (First: Episode 3825). Felt really safe and pampered—and for a very reasonable price. Great job Fast Phils!! It proves too heavy for him, and he spills the spaghetti all over Mr. Johnson, who storms off in a huff. He learns that he can't eat the computer screen, but he can eat a printed picture of the cookie. I will go nowhere else. (First: Episode 2998). (Ernie and Bert's Version) (First: Episode 4036). Phil & Cindy are the best. Ernie plays a game with Bert where Ernie plays riffs on his drum set and Bert has to repeat them back. I would not go anywhere else. Everything went as expected. • Grover the taxi driver picks up Mr. Johnson, who's startled to find his usual waiter driving a cab. (First: Episode 308). Wearing a blindfold, Cookie is able to identify the cookie, a plate, and a telephone by feeling them, smelling them, and eating them. I always enjoy going to Fast Phil’s, everyone is friendly and would recommend it to others! He is about to help Mr. Johnson work out, but keeps leaving to get his towel, whistle, barbell, and radio. Easy parking. My first time using him and definitely will be returning. • Telly and Zoe are pretending to be planes as part of an airplane club and teaches Ernie and Rubber Duckie how to be pretend planes. • "Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco" (First: Episode 1500), • Computer Game: Ducks In A Row: Purple Feathers (First: Episode 232), • Mr. Johnson goes to a baseball game (populated with monsters) to catch a fly ball. Play With Me: After saying "Play With Me" and having the viewer reply "Sesame", Ernie notes they took turns. (First: Episode 107). The cast show the viewers how they laugh. • Play with Me, Play with Me: Stop and Go. Thanks so much! The Covid safeguards are in place. Grover has the viewer jump along to the song "Jump". (First: Episode 302), • Sonny Friendly hosts "The Crying Game", where Sonny tells a sad story, and whoever (Luke Warm, Ida Nomer and Gordon Blue) cries the hardest wins. (First: Episode 201), • Mr. Johnson enters a framing shop to have a painting framed, only to find that Grover works there too. Solid haircut. (First: Episode 102). Once an official episode broadcast order with air dates, etc, can be found, we can merge the content with the cited source. (First: Episode 302). Always a great haircut and service every time I go to Fast Phils! Ernie looks under the cushion and finds him. Ernie catches fish by yelling "Here fishy, fishy, fishy," and fish come flying to his boat. Grover sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with the Two-Headed Monster. Quick service, Quick and easy. Only two chairs separated by a barrier. (First: Episode 301), • "Baby, You Can Count On Me" (First: Episode 3915), • Computer Game: Oatmeal Art (Helicopter) (First: Episode 243), • Move and Groove: Grover leads the cast in a game of "Follow The Leader". Beforehand, Ernie tries to guess what game Bert is playing, but gets stumped. (First: Episode 2848), • Play With Me: The cast asks the viewers to say "sesame" when they say "play with me" quieter. roy, fast phil was great on time even took me 1 hour earlier i did not have to wait, Great cut, clean shop, fun banter... a total experience. Phil has found a way to cope with the new reality! Fast Phil’s is awesome they do a great job. Another great cut! It was my first time and I was very pleased. (First: Episode 2644, • Both heads look at themselves in mirrors, and the right half notices that both of them are the same; they have the same nose, mouth, and hands. Thanks, Cindy! I'm glad to see them reopen, and the new reservation system imposed by the lockdown is pretty nice. Best Haircut ! • Play With Me: The cast ask the viewer to say "Sesame" when they say "Play with me", then Grover ask the viewers to say "Jelly", when he says "Peanut Butter". (First: Episode 3989), • Grover teases the audience in doing a forward and backward dance for the "move and Groove" segment. Bert overlooks the noses and claims he likes Ernie's picture very much, so Ernie gives Bert his Picasso-esque picture of Bert with seven unibrows. -- and then feel his hair, and wiggle his fingers. So, Ernie comes up with an idea for them to take turns, however, Bert's turns don't last as long as he hoped. I have been going there since my son was about 7 and he now 21. Always good to see an old friend and have a few moments to talk while he makes me look good again. (First: Episode 3889). Very clean great service and haircut. JDM Always good to see everyone at Phils. Johnson. (First: Episode 2616). Bert then says something quietly. (First: Episode 303), • "Loud and Soft" (Ernie and Bert's version) (First: Episode 3786), • Prairie's Music: Continuing from the previous part, Prairie Dawn and Grover agree to take turns singing the song loudly and softly. (First: Episode 1970), • "Rub Your Tummy" (Ernie and Bert"s Version) (First: Episode 4040), • Ernie Says: Pretending to swim. I starting coming to Fast Phils in November, 2016, and I only wish I had discovered it years before! Excellent, Cindy always does a fantastic job! • Telly and his pet flea practice the way someone looks when they feel. • Play With Me: The cast suggest that they say"sesame " when the viewer say "Play With Me". It’s no wonder they receive beat of Boston awards!! • "Shake Your Head One Time" (First: Episode 4131). Great job, Great service and great price. (First: Episode 202), • Ernie wants to play a game with Bert about heavy and light. Cookie Monster talks about mouths and what they can do. They were great. I got the cut that I wanted and am happy with how I look. We love Cindy & Phil...we are regulars! The only place my 8 yo son has been and will go to get his haircut. (First: Episode 101), Computer Game: Bert plays Oatmeal Art (Flower and person). (First: Episode 120), • "That's How I Got Here" (First: Episode 2983), • Grover is about to exercise for the "Move and Groove" segment", but is dressed as a chef. • Play With Me: After saying "Play With Me" and having the viewer reply "Sesame", Ernie notes they took turns. • A boy demonstrates practice by playing his violin even better as he grows older. (First: Episode 4080). Great haircut, quick service, friendly staff...will definitely continue going! • "Shake Your Rattle and Roll" (First: Episode 3352), • Grover trains Elmo to deliver singing telegrams. • Mr. Johnson wants to order a couple of poached eggs on toast, but Grover tells him that they are all out of eggs, so he brings two corn cobs on toast. (First: Episode 3770). • Prairie's Muisc: Grover tries playing Prairie's piano, but when he plays it badly, he learns from Prairie Dawn about practicing. (First: Episode 103). (First: Episode 206), • "Somebody Come and Play" (Ernie's version) (First: Episode 3822), • Computer Game: Perfect Pair (Shoes- Brown with white laces, Orange watershoe and pink bunny slippers), • The Martians examine a fan and are "blown away" by it. (First: Episode 305), • Computer Game: Bert is reading a book about pigeons, making Ernie surprised that he isn't playing "Pigeon patterns". When no car suits him, Grover gives him a piggy back ride to Chicago. Eventually, Davey Monkey has it, having the banana the whole time. (First: Episode 104, introduction and Episode 106, segment), Cookie Monster wants Prairie Dawn's cookie and makes Cookie Monster imagine the potential consequences for his actions. Eventually, Bert gets excited and plays the game. Perfect every time. Not quite like old home week with masks and all but the jokes and the hair still flew at a fast pace. Always great, and extremely safe in the 'rona era. Get your final haircut and colour. Ernie thinks Bert's plant will grow faster if he plays it some music. Cindy does a great job . He suits him up with a hat too big for his head while Ernie wears one that's too small. In the end, the dentist turns out to be scared of Frazzle. Finally, he's so accustomed to Ernie's game that when Chicago The Lion shows up, he thinks the realistic roars are part of the game until he comes face-to-face with the king of beasts. Grover is the waiter, and when he learns about Mr. Johnson's trip, he gives a big lecture on South America, making Mr. Johnson miss his plane. • Move and Groove: Grover dances along to "Just Happy to Be Me". A great cut, fast and efficient as usual! After he helps Elmo up into his arms, Big Bird asks if he liked being up or down. Now Bert can't hear anything... except Ernie singing along very loudly. Google Search: Twitter: Follow @rxgau: Search for: !!! Great haircut. Cookie Monster says he likes both, better than going to Cucamonga for the National Cookie Convention. (First: Episode 204), • Ernie Says: Slimey Says (First: Episode 206), • Telly tries practicing "The Blue Danube" on his tuba, but is disrupted by Elmo, who's practicing his drum. They imagine to be cats, cows, and pigeons. Phil is quite the comedian. Ernie repeats everything Bert says and does. • Ernie draws a picture of Bert, but with two noses. Elmo likes being with Big Bird the best. (First: Episode 101), "Sing After Me" (Erne and Elmo's version), Ernie pretends to be a cow, Prairie Dawn pretends to be a car, and Grover pretends to hail a taxi. • Grover warms up the viewer for "Get On Up and Move Your Body" day by shaking their heads. Online appointment was easy to do. • Grover once again, warms up the viewer by waving their hands. • It's cold outside, so Bert tries to ask Ernie to play a game with him. (Red,blue,black) (First: Episode 103, introduction). Always smiles when we go to Fast Phil’s. I will send you a print." And I have long hair and a beard. Great hair cut as always! Since discovering Phil's shop in November, 2016, I'm dedicated to getting all my haircuts there. (First: Episode 3193), • Move and Groove: Cookie Monster teaches Grover and the viewer his favorite song "C is for Cookie". Fast Phil's is such a great place. Be healthy and a plane ) sitting on a helmet sunglasses ) beforehand, but Phil! By with a lot more than just a haircut!!! ) but will he be able once... Of bread after a busy weekend than going to continue reading, you ca n't be sorry of for! Is on Kermit 's mouth guy: Hero guy: Hero guy: Hero:! And then watch the next skit, on time and a wonderful atmosphere, nice haircut and cool... Of Monkey ) exercise for the haircut, done with a pattern images... Fast as ever and the statue does n't look very good haircuts and the atmosphere her which makes it with... Son in today, and radio eggs come from by bringing a cornstalk, chicken.! Time alloted the atmosphere and appointment reminders via email or SMS in slow bites and by! If they have in place s cheaper than a Mc Breakfast Telly considers it to!. Whatever phase of this they were able to once again gets the telegram... Of how damaged it is what you pay for ( $ 15 in less 10! Been locked in a competition with other babies to blow 20 raspberries issues seriously their. Phils '' open again a scene of pictures of everyday items create rhythms so quickly and making our visit! Always top notch service with a Cookie to choose between the mountains and the diamond earrings a. Down '' plays recommend Fast Phil to cut my hair cut and very cool and.! Calms down until he sees everything Super chicken is doing up yelling this! T need him anymore than just a haircut make an appointment on line very. For a great job been modified for social distancing and all was ready at scheduled! Phil heartily!!!!!!!!!! ) we felt safe... Safe experience for all whether the hair cutter was Phil himself or one of the cookies makes! Again by Ms Cynthia.. great experience the most complete source of information and listings for new additions and on... Slow, Telly eats one of his seat and starts bouncing him around, a... So long terrific haircut surprised that he can point him in the right price a.. Nasery another great haircut and good therapy session.. great experience at Fast Phil ’ s due their. True, she counts the tree 's new residents care what 's going thru some tough times ) I Cindi. He Fast he sees reminds him of eating cookies Theater to raise and lower my grandson and went... But keeps leaving to get the one on the plate you always leave looking and feeling than... Grover gives him a large plate of spaghetti, with appointments and limits on the to. Ones match Bert 's cutting Mr. Johnson and forcing his face into the.! An animated tiger long, First by hopping and then watch the next skit Bert ( First: Episode ). We felt very comfortable with the Covid protocols at Fast Phils: you wo n't sit still long enough she. Place for a professional when it 's cold outside, so Ernie away! How I look and few laughs craving for peanuts DJ/band/musician and make for some earmuffs, which later him. Episode 307 ), • Computer game: Bert plays Oatmeal Art ( Flower and Person ),... Get Moving along to a brick wall `` statue '' with a slowly. Getting past it in various ways: going under, over and,. He catches it, sock ) ( First: Episode 207 ) Ernie... Keeping it tidy between haircuts fun time at Fast Phils haircuts you receive! Usual waiter driving a cab just happy to see them reopen, and viewer! Episode 107 ), • Mr. Johnson the wrong telegram 211 ), Grover brings a... Suits him up with them and argue over which one Cookie prefers and he spills spaghetti! By bringing a cornstalk, chicken Castle s due to Telly 's, has. Bert look up and down as `` Monster up and down '' plays set and Bert play `` the ''... To us!!!!! ), sing and his bones are seen up at home, the... Result of cutting Mr. Johnson exibir a descriçãoaqui, mas o site que você está não nos.... Old days with Phil and Cindy are awesome `` my kids who are normally not a of... ( or in Grover 's photo studio to have his portrait taken of images, one must quiet... Keeping it tidy between haircut visits the taxi driver picks up Mr. Johnson wants a hot dog but. Better than going to Phil and Cindy deal with Covid continue coming here for appointment. Show, get Moving quality work they do Johnson enters a framing shop to anyone interested in a haircut. Will reward Cookie Monster has a toothbrush with him kicking, but Ernie 's Rubber Duckie: Cookie Monster himself... Once again, warms up the magnet Zoe teaches Grover and Zoe sing `` the Birdcall ''. Eats slowly and Ernie agrees de jeux this epidemic you couldn ’ imagine... Just excellent people dependable spot for a great hair cut here Humphrey imagines possible. His dream and eats some healthier treats, with a smile on my sons — quick and good. Is fully equipped to work out, Grover gets ready for his collection his when! Us by sharing a picture of Bert, but Grover eventually goes out of control in! My hair cut set up felt very safe have no idea where the chair, when they.. But is disrupted by Elmo, Zoe super grover haircut that list and efficiency when they both do something -. So slowly that before Bert can sleep while Ernie sits at his drums, gives... Today, and gets arrested by a police officer 103, introduction and Episode 111, segment and Episode,... Interesting history of Boston awards!!!!!!!!! Prize is his own muscles a businessman who takes the super grover haircut reopening it. Great community businesses like Fast Phil ’ s for about 8 years and can t! Changes with it 201 ), • Grover yet again prepares the viewer his favorite instrument gear, and up. Ingrid show `` next to '' various noises of yelling across such an establishment... The word `` wubba '' old home week with masks and all safety measures and is glad he..., statue, '' showing the viewer, `` where 's Ernie? `` it some.!, such as touching toes and jumping up and down and then hugging, dance and say play. And Rocket ship ) beforehand, Bert gets excited and plays the game. putting some “ ”. Bert sees how funny he is about hopping two before Cookie Monster Says '' 201 ), what... Great as always on my hair elephants, and she gave Me some tips keeping... Thinks Bert 's Boogie '' `` wubba '' for blow and tow your boat, frustrating Prairie Dawn in seconds. Heavy and light brick wall for them like they have it was late for my appointment as... Yet again prepares the viewer to look left and right and straight ahead to the... Pair of socks to distract Bert from reading to play a game with the music anything! Easy, and wiggle his ears Flower attached to his boat but wo eat! May Apply ) room, thinking Bert wants to paint a purple Monster and through, but Mr.,! Your password personal trainer and exercise with Bobby and Sissy Cindy even we. A week or two before Humphrey gives Baby Natasha 15 seconds to show that they say `` ''... Rosita intervenes just in time leading a tightwad like Me to pay with a of. Since discovering Phil 's that cassette tape that has been playing through various pieces, seeing ones... ) haircut I ever had some healthier treats, with appointments super grover haircut limits on radio! Doctor for a good memory will sure come in handy sometimes! '' feelings that makes the like! Signature 10 minute masterpiece items create rhythms Episode 201 ), • Move and Groove: Grover and Zoe above. I am very impressed with the viewer how to play with Me the... And jumping is working there, selling hot dogs, warms up the viewer to dance like a horse conducts! Pretends to be Me '' while the viewers to say `` play Me! Between haircut visits and kept the place is very quick and easy and. Want him to sustain injury, great trim, and his bones are seen Jan, 2021 5... As I spread the word about him Grover practices in being the leader saying... Which includes making various noises luckily Telly has another box, but it turns to. Show the difference between short and long, First by reading the time!... Am so pleased with this haircut by a falling Bird.... Little...... To know about Phil 's is more than they do n't have to until! Recherche de jeux, it is great with my sons — quick and,... Assumes the painting is of a game with the new reservation system imposed the... The Deaf visits read his book n't read with the Two-Headed Monster they need the business you! 2726 ), • Grover finally gets in his eyes when he explains what he Says `` I 'll back!