While you can give up to $15,000 to anyone without incurring a gift tax, you can give even more—up to $157,000 in tax year 2020—to your non-citizen spouse without incurring a gift tax. If your spouse is not a U.S. citizen, however, the special tax-free treatment for spouses is limited to $159,000 a year (in 2021). This amount is indexed for inflation. Electing the exclusion. But again, if one of the spouses is not a U.S. citizen, gifting can be complicated. CITIZEN An eligible organization that wishes to be excluded from the partnership rules must make the election not later than the time for filing the partnership return for the first tax year for which exclusion is desired. Non U.S. Citizen/Non-Domiciliary of the U.S. Non-citizens who live in the U.S., but who are not considered domiciliaries, are subject to U.S. estate and gift tax only on property situated in the U.S. Such gifts are eligible for a larger-than-normal annual gift tax exclusion. The one big difference in treatment of foreign gifts involves making a gift to a spouse who isn't a U.S. citizen. Spouses buy gifts for each other (or at least they should). Gifts by a non-resident alien spouse to a non-citizen spouse would also qualify. However, the annual exclusion amount for gifts specifically made to non-citizen spouses isn't the same as the annual exclusion amount for others. The reason why is that on top of the annual exclusion amount, there's also a lifetime exemption from gift and estate tax that you're allowed to use. 2020 Estate and Gift Tax for Non-US Citizens . This filing date includes any extension of time. To: US Resident (Green Card Holder) ... save for the increased annual gift exclusion amount for such spouses. If your spouse is a citizen, any gifts you give to him or her during your life are free of federal gift tax. ANNUAL EXCLUSION GIFT TO NON-CITIZEN SPOUSE Inter-spousal gifts to a non-citizen spouse would qualify for a special annual gift tax exclusion amount of $ 152,000 in 2018 (indexed for inflation) in lieu of the lost gift tax marital deduction. However, a citizen spouse may gift up to $157,000 per year to a non-U.S. citizen spouse. But if you are married to a non-citizen and you make a gift to your spouse that is valued over $155,000 in a calendar year (the 2019 limit), you will pay gift tax on it. This amount will increase to $159,000 per … United States Gift Tax . There are several ways to get around the non-citizen spouse estate tax dilemma. The following summarizes the exceptions and exemptions: Exempt the first $60,000 of U.S. situs assets at death My earlier blog post gave a head’s up to married couples about US tax issues that can arise when assets are owned jointly with a spouse who is not a US citizen. The deduction is not allowed if the spouse of the person making the gift is not a U.S. citizen, but the gifting spouse can give them up to $159,000 as of 2021 ($157, 000 in 2020)without incurring gift tax consequences. See Regulations section 1.761-2(b) for the … To: US Citizen . While U.S. citizen couples can gift an unlimited amount between spouses without any estate or income tax consequences, an American with a non-citizen spouse is limited to a special annual gift tax exclusion of $157,000 for 2020 ($155,000 for 2019) for gifts to a non-citizen spouse; gifts in excess of this amount will require the U.S. spouse … A follow-up blog post detailed the US Gift tax rules that apply when assets are held jointly with right of survivorship (WROS) by a US/non-US citizen married couple.The post explained that unintended and devastating tax … With respect to bequests at death, a non-US citizen spouse can receive the benefits of citizen ... 11/22/2019 …   This amount is indexed for inflation, so it will go up periodically to keep pace with the economy.