Hi Paul, Would you recommend buying earrings if they didn’t have certificates? Also, the cost to get a diamond graded by GIA isn’t as expensive as you think it is. The most expensive ring as of January 2021 is over $360,000 but there are much more affordable prices. You see, Costco allows GIA “Very Good” cut diamonds in their inventory and this means you might end up buying diamonds that aren’t cut well. I think the wedding bands offered by Costco are decent. They actually pull online inventory and as well as any inventory a store has. In your case, I recommend James Allen and Blue Nile. Also, please verify: should jeweler give me the original report when I purchase? GIA report says 1 carat VVS2, color grade I, polish and symmetry Very Good, Fluorescence none. It depends on the type of insurance coverage you intend to get. What kind of quality do you really expect to receive? "Diamond Color." https://beyond4cs.com/engagement-ring/beware-of-cheap-diamond-deals/. With your reply, it just proved to me that you didn’t bother to read and understand the content here on Beyond4cs.com. I am still tempted to go that route. If you don’t like it, simply return it without hassle (you do have to wait a bit longer than usual as they must inspect the diamond). I hope you don’t read the following statements the wrong way. In August 2017, a federal judge ruled Costco owed Tiffany at least $19.4 million in damages, lost sales, and interest for selling rings falsely advertised as Tiffany jewelry. Then you run the risk that the ring isn’t what you thought it would be, or it was appraised differently than reported on the site.. You have to deal with possible return shipping which is a MASSIVE headache and can be a HUGE blow to the pocket book. The bottomline is, don’t be fooled by the nice looking figures listed in any appraisal documents. The lack of images for their online listings and lack of product knowledge of their sales people means you have to depend on yourself when choosing diamonds. No jeweler I know of has ONLY GIA certified stones for sale. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco… "What Is Diamond Clarity?" (59k)Before taking the plunge however we are shopping around and have been to Tiffany where we have seen similar ring for about 70k and a local highly reputable jeweler who offers us these stones with similar setting (platinum) 3.50 I/VS1 AGS ex / ideal/ideal $63,250 also 3,52 I/VS21 Gia EX/EX/EX 59,995 . Many of the rings displayed on its website are embellished with diamonds, often clustered with other stones. A one-carat diamond ring can sell for anywhere between $3,500 and $27,000, depending on those 4Cs, the setting's quality, and the retailer. Now, this is unconfirmed but I believe every ring with a solitaire over 1.25 ct has a GIA report but I would have to check at work. Are costco diamonds gia certified? That said, the devil is always in the details. Can shoppers get tangible information like magnified photographs or ASET/idealscope or videos for the piece they are looking at? Read this: https://beyond4cs.com/buying-diamonds-blind/ and use the guide here to educate yourself on pricing: https://beyond4cs.com/diamond-prices/. What the jeweler say about grading reports for small diamonds is true. Because what they say you are getting is actually what you are getting. Also as far as costco rings. In fact, it is a result of shrewd manipulation to market low quality diamonds in better light and to maximize their profits. No. Here’s a screenshot that shows you a total of only 263 rings available in their inventory. A jury determined the company was guilty of trademark infringement for using Tiffany to describe rings in its jewelry cases. Why? Brace yourself for a long read because there are many serious issues I want to highlight about diamond jewelry shopping at Costco. Are costco diamonds good if I am buying engagement rings with small sized diamonds? If you are buying jewelry that’s solely made up of small melees, grading reports may not be necessary. Diamonds over one carat come with an International Gemological Institute (IGI) appraisal that can be used to ensure the fine jewelry investment.. Also agree with Chris–the great thing about Costco is its return policy. © Copyright 2021, Beyond4Cs.com. What’s left? Shoppers who go to Tiffany & Co. don't have to make sense of technical reports independently. Watch; $2799.99 NO RESERVE! Can you tell me what you think about this particular costco 2 carat diamond ring listing? It came with the GIA certification and was rated 1.01 ct. -cut , polish, symmetry are all labelled “excellent” Get the Costco ring if you see one you like, get it independently appraised and if it’s not what you paid for, return it. Buying based on the 4Cs or a grading report isn’t enough because there are details that can’t be glimpsed from it. In fact, once you start making comparisons, you will find that their prices are typically 20-30% more than other online vendors. Accessed April 14, 2020. Now, as for whether are costco diamonds good, I would generally discount what they claim the specifications of a piece of product is. The trial followed a 2015 verdict against Costco in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan. This is rare in the jewelry business. As I mentioned earlier, if you are making a big ticket diamond purchase at Costco, do ensure that it comes with a GIA report. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. Costco doesn’t offer ring resizing services nor any after-sales services like cleaning or re-polishing. Almost a dead heat with $80 separating the two. Lastly, we don’t sell jewelry. Browse our stunning collection of brilliantly cut diamond and gemstones rings for every occasion. Also with online retailers, sure, you get a better deal, but you STILL have to find a local jeweler to do work, unless you enjoy shipping your item back and forth to the retailer (in assumption they have warranty and do the work). Do you have any jewelers to recommend in Houston, Texas? -color I. I checked Blue Nile to do a comparison and, after factoring in the band, Costco came out on top–easy. Costco Diamonds Review Conclusion. Our jeweler was very impressed! Accessed April 14, 2020. I strongly encourage you to read through the in-depth sections on diamond properties and specifications at Beyond4cs.com before you even start shopping around. GIA DOES NOT ASSIGN CUT GRADES TO FANCY SHAPED DIAMONDS. It uses the GIA rating system.. The problem is, you are not most likely not making “comparable” comparisons. They will give you pennies on the dollar and that is no fun!